We have five autonomous and independent from each other studios ideal for families or large groups.
The apartments are located just ten to fifteen meters from the hotel.
Each studio has a separate bedroom and a center room with three more beds, a dining room and kitchen.
The kitchen is fully equipped with all cooking utilities and a refrigerator, all you want for your cooking needs.

All apartments have TV
Air conditioning and a
Private balcony.

There is also a parking area in front and a lawn area for children to play without fear and without risk of accident from a passing cars.

Benefits - Services

Because your comfort is our highest goal, we make sure yhat our rooms provide you with as much as possible.
Our rooms, in addition to there cool atmosphere also provide with the following:

* Kitchen - Dining Room / Refrigerator / Cookware.
* TV.
* Air condition.
* Hot water 24 hours.
* Private balcony.
* Easy access to the center of Thassos.
* Private parking.
* Playground with grass.
* Fire protection.

Image gallery - Arion hotel indoor

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