Thassos - Beaches

Golden Sand (Chrisi Ammos - Golden beach).
In a large bay, the beach is shared by two villages. At one end the Skala Panagias and other Skala Potamias which houses the hotel. Big and broad, green environment, well organized, perfect for children, swimming against the backdrop of Mount Ypsarion.

The first is the beach of Potos 2km long, starting from the village center. Beautiful and clean beach that attracts a lot of people. Well organized, water sports, ideal for swimming and walking.

1 km away from Potos Thassos with an amazing long beach, water sports, pines, well organized and very well known.

2km from Potos, with white sand in and out of water, shade trees, and relatively unknown to many.

Sand. (Psili Ammos)
4 km away from Potos, cosmopolitan, water sports, and amazing white sand inside and out, which is known to Thassos for its healing properties.

Astris. (Astrida)
The beach of the old town in a picturesque bay with calm waters and the island of Virgin Mary in the open. Fishing swimming and long walks on rocky shores of Cape Salonikios.

Pole. (Kalami)
Small beach in Astris with stones in the water, but white marble pebbles out, lonely, and ideal for Speargun.

Swimming in the mountains hanging over you, in a wild landscape, that impresses.

Rick. (Thimonia)
Clean and beautiful beach of the eponymous small town of Thassos.

Next in Livadi, the old tarsanas the monastery, situated on top. A small beach, very green, and cold water running into the sea from two sources there.

One of the most beautiful landscapes in Greece. Two small and white beaches, calm sea, sand and out, traditional village, ancient marble quarry, pine, fishing.

Saint John (Agios Ioannis - Babouras).
A deserted beach in the ancient port, with historical interest. Clear water, beautiful surroundings, but several stones entering the water.

Paradise. (Paradisos)
The best beach of Thassos that more reminiscent of tropical paradise waters. White fine sand and shallow waters, green mountains around and waves at the slightest breeze. Ideal for children.

Green tropical environment, sand inside and out, clear and shallow waters, at great length.

Also in Theologos Thassos, there are many small beaches, and numerous cliffs, perfect for solitary swimming and fishing.

In the Limenaria Thassos there is a vast beach with white sand, very wide, with clear water, ideal for long coastal walks.

Slotted. (Tripiti)
beach similar size, well known, sand and gravel in and out.

Matelia. (Metalia)
Site with great interest. Old mills iron kaminiamonadika across the Mediterranean, land covered with black metal outdoor art exhibition and a white beach and crystal clear.

In the Maries are beautiful beaches with clean sand without any stones.

The Kallirachi and Sotiras (Kalirachi and Sotiras)
endless beaches have very small in width but with a beautiful and clean beach and shallow waters ideal for children.

Prinos Thassos
has a vast beach with pine trees, fine sand in and out, shallow waters, ideal for long walks.

also a green, with fine sand with no stones, beach.
It must be said that Western Thassos, no big waves south, which pave the beaches very wide, but is generally very shallow water with fine sand with no stones in the water.

Limenas (Thassos)
has a beautiful natural landscape, where sea and forest, where almost joined and swim in the shade of the pines. The beach outside is narrow, but clean and shallow waters.

The most beautiful beach of the Port, in a beautiful environment, with the forest around her in a beautiful bay with shallow waters, fine sand and a lot of good organization.

It is worth noting that most beaches have fine sand, without stones, and crystal clear water and surrounded by the natural green, with thick trees.

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